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summer week six

July 15-19

Classes meet 5 days a week

1.5 hours

Ages 4-Teen

$170/camp, Plus Supply Fee

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Class Descriptions 

Animal Art Atlas- Tour the world and visit every continent and dive through the sea to paint some of Earth’s animals from A to Zebra.


Animation Station- Learn how to make your own stop motion animations! Students will design and create their own articulated paper dolls, props, and storyline to film a short stop motion video. Perfect for budding writers and filmmakers!


Avengers vs DC Cartooning - Come ready to explore and create comic strips and cartoon stories with themes you love. Minecraft, Star Wars, Avengers, Manga or your own stories. Classes will cover drawing, inking, lettering and coloring your comic stories and art. We will let our imaginations soar as we create cartoon illustrations of our all-time favorites! All materials included.


Clay Creations- Students will sculpt a clay bowl. The inside will be hand smoothed and then beautifully painted with colorful underglazes, the outside will be ornately textured with clay balls, glazed and kiln fired to create a beautifully, knobby, bumpy exterior. Food safe. Hand wash. Not for microwave use.


Creative Cosmos- How fun it is to create art with Space Exploration in mind? Galaxies, Astronauts, and exciting Spaceships are all possible subjects. A variety of media will be used.


Meet the Modern Masters-  we will draw, paint, color, & design with a study of the featured artist and their techniques. Your child will become a Master Painter with their own unique interpretations!

Paper Mache Portraits - This class is about building dimension to your art! Create a fantastic animal bust on canvas- suitable for hanging on the wall.  Will your animal be a sophisticated pig in a suit, or a clever dog looking for a playmate? 


Portrait Drawing- Learn to depict the image of a person’s face in pencil or charcoal


Skyline and Sunset- Explore and create beautiful works of art featuring our beloved city of Chicago! Tall buildings and landmarks, lakeside and more!  Day or night, the city is an amazing sight! Drawing, painting, and mixed-media.


Tie Dye & Twists- Color, shape and texture all combine to create beautiful swirls of color.  Enjoy tie-dye themed art, including string art, painting and fiber art.  Super Psychedelic!

Unique Animals- Capybara, Axolotls and many other unique animals will come to life in this one of a kind class. Using a variety of art materials, explore the world of unique animals.


World of Color- There's a great big world out there!  Explore the world through color, texture and medium in this EPIC painting class!


ZOOrama in Clay- Children will have fun as they exercise their fine motor skills while they learn about the wonderful tactile medium of clay. They will learn how to construct zoo and other animals using slabs, coils and pinch pots. Projects will be kiln fired.

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