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Summer Week One

June 10-14

Classes meet 5 days a week

1.5 hours

Ages 4-Teen

$170/camp, Plus Supply Fee

Class Descriptions 

Birds of a Feather- Let’s draw and paint some of our bird brained friends!  Birds come in a variety of colors and styles and can do more than fly - they are truly entertaining and can be quite humorous! Young artists will learn to handle a variety of fine art media, such as oil pastels, watercolor, tempera and more, as they create delightful bird artwork!


Artistic Animals-  Colorful, geometric shapes create awesome animals in this class.  Using paint and mixed media, we will create colorful animals in their lovely landscapes. 


Clay Animal Pals- Let’s make pinch pot animal pals! This is an introductory clay class where the youngest beginning sculptor can learn the basics of sculpting while creating fun animals in clay. Terra cotta clay, kiln fired, and colorful paints will be used. All materials included.


Creative Collage-  Mixed media at its best!  Using colorful paper and paint, create texture and depth to your design.  Make your own colorful paper to use in your design, or cut paper from newspapers and magazines.  The sky is the limit! 


Draw What You See- Students will be guided in sharpening their skills drawing still life objects, shading, depicting 3D objects and people from photos. A great class for beginners and experienced artists who want to improve their observational and drawing abilities.


Floral Frenzy- Join us to create beautiful bouquets of flowers in drawing and painting! Explore the color, shape and texture of nature’s beauties, using a combination of materials and techniques.


Jungle Art- Dare to enter the jungle and discover the fun and fantastic effects of experimenting with and mixing different media. We may try mixing media such as: watercolor, ink, acrylic, pastels, or even creating with unusual materials! Create stunning artwork while learning about drawing, color and composition. 


LEGO Build & Draw- Have fun building models from LEGO blocks and kits, then drawing them. Learn to create 3-D LEGO images on paper using these mini sculptures as our still life inspiration.


Marvelous Monsters in Clay- Create your own unique monsters that are scary, funny, or cute. Design your monster with five eyes, a tail, or horns. Whatever you can imagine, you can build! Don’t be afraid to create something cute or creepy in our clay studio.  Marvelous Clay monsters will come to life in terra cotta clay. Clay Sculptures will be kiln fired.

Paint & Paper 3D Art-  Create your own colorful collage papers through a variety of processes. Then, use your unique painted papers to create 2D and 3D works of art.  Prepare to be amazed!

Painting on Glass- Using a reverse method of painting the details first, artists will learn how to transform an image onto glass using acrylic paint. 


Stop Motion Animation- Learn how to make your own stop motion animations! Students will design and create their own articulated paper dolls, props, and storyline to film a short stop motion video. Perfect for budding writers and filmmakers!

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