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summer Week nine

Aug 5-9

Classes meet 5 days a week

1.5 hours

Ages 4-Teen

$170/camp, Plus Supply Fee

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Class Descriptions 

Cactus in Clay- Succulents are all the rage right now.  Sculpt various cactus shapes in clay using pinch pot and coil methods.  Pieces will be made from terra cotta clay and kiln fired. 


Clay for the Table- Fun and Functional!  Hand build an item or two in clay that can be used at your dining table. All pieces will be made from terra cotta clay and kiln fired. 


Colored Pencil - Learn the basic of using colored pencils!  Layering color, creating depth and adding realistic details will be taught in this beginner class.  All supplies included. 


Come Sail Away- Beautiful boats, wonderful whales and more await in this painting and drawing class.  Mixed media elements may be added to create a nifty and nautical scene!


Create a Comic Book- Hot off the presses! Create your own comic “zine” to be printed and distributed at Kaleidoscope! A zine (pronounced “zeen”) is a homemade publication of anything you’re interested in. Students will learn how to create their own characters, storylines, and layout for their first zine.


Disney Drawing - Do you have a favorite Disney hero or villain?  Learn to draw the iconic images of Disney cartoon characters using pen and marker.  


Driftwood Mobile- Start with unique and naturally beautiful driftwood and magic happens. Let’s make summer sparkle with dangling organic shells and terra cotta beads as well as non organic mirrors, bells, keys and more! Perfect hanging art for every yard, porch, or bedroom.


Into the Forest- Tall trees, elaborate leaves, critters tucked in quiet dens, noble animals standing proud, let's journey into the temperate forest and draw and paint peaceful scenes from the great outdoors.


Mosaic- Discover this irresistible art form as you learn the techniques to create a whimsical mosaic. Form your mosaic by arranging and inlaying tesserae in grout - use any¬thing from broken ceramics, tiles, shells, pebbles, colorful glass, etc. Unleash your creativity as you experiment with color, design, and textures

Paper Quilling- Come quill with us! Quilling is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. These colorful, dynamic pieces are a show-stopper!


Painting Safari- Painting Safari: Bring to life the wild animals of the African savannahs and plains.  Elephants, hippos, Zebras, oh my!

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