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Summer week seven

July 22-26

Classes meet 5 days a week

1.5 hours

Ages 4-Teen

$170/camp, Plus Supply Fee

Class Descriptions 

Art of Eric Carle-  Who can resist the adorable art of our favorite author and artist, Eric Carle.  The Hungry Little Caterpillar and the Grouchy Ladybug will provide us with inspiration! 


A to Zine Cartooning- Hot off the presses! Create your own comic “zine” to be printed and distributed at Kaleidoscope! A zine (pronounced “zeen”) is a homemade publication of anything you’re interested in. Students will learn how to create their own characters, storylines, and layout for their first zine.


Cartoon Studio- Take your cartooning to the next level with these advanced techniques in line work, values, cartooning from photos, and lettering. Have fun creating and learning as we explore Caricatures and capturing "likeness", Manga, Imaginary Creatures and more. Caricature students may work from their own photos. All materials (except for sketchbooks) are included.


Diggin Dinos in Clay- Dinosaurs may be extinct, but the wonder and imagination they provide lives on! Create leaf eaters and ferocious predators from the prehistoric times together in this delightful dinosaur class. Dinos will be build with terra cotta clay using pinch pot and coil techniques.


Famous Works with a Twist- Use your imagination and sense of humor to add a twist to famous paintings.  Wonder what Mona Lisa would look like with a hat?  How about Dali’s melting clocks as melting pizzas instead?  


Flower Power: Pretty and powerful- Join us to create beautiful bouquets of flowers in drawing and painting! Explore the color, shape and texture of nature’s beauties, using a combination of materials and techniques. 


From Design to Digital- Draw patterns, images and logos on paper, then transport your image to a digital design using our iPad Pros.  Learn to take your digital image to the next level through changing color, shape and size.


Garden Art Drops- Let’s make summer sparkle with garden art drops! Your garden will sparkle with light when the sun hits the mirrors on your hanging art. Come bead, string and glue - sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!


Lovely Landscapes- Wide open spaces with beautiful plantings and stones and structures of the outdoors - create together step-by-step pastel paintings of a lovely landscape.


Mario, Minecraft and More- Use your creativity to create fun comic-style art using your favorite Mario,  Among Us, Minecraft or other characters. Create a comic page or scene featuring your choice of characters, as you learn techniques in drawing, inking, and lettering. All materials included.


Mosaic Initial on Canvas- Discover this irresistible art form as you learn the techniques to create a whimsical mosaic initial. Form your mosaic by arranging and inlaying tesserae in grout - use anything from broken ceramics, tiles, shells, pebbles, colorful glass, etc. 


Paper Mache Bobbleheads- Turn yourself into a Bobblehead!  Create a large mask from paper mache.  Will you make a character or create a caricature of yourself?


Printmaking- Learn various techniques in printmaking including mono print, lino printing and more!


Sea & Surf- Take the plunge and join us as we explore the underwater tropical world of colorful fish! Using marvelous mixed media techniques, we will make beautiful fishy creations with paint, collage, printmaking and more!


Sunny Summer Days - Animals love to swim and play all day.  Using drawing and painting mediums, students will create adorable scenes of animals doing their favorite summer things!  

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