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summer week five

July 8-12

Classes meet 5 days a week

1.5 hours

Ages 4-Teen

$170/camp, Plus Supply Fee

Class Descriptions 

Acrylic Painting for Teens- Learn the basics of Acrylic painting, This class is great for someone who is interested in painting from photo references and would like a breakdown of how to layer, blend, and plan a project. The teacher will choose from a variety of topics and hopes to create 2-3 detailed paintings. 


Alice’s Tea Pots- Don’t be late for a very important date in our clay studio! Create a Wonderland inspired tea pot in terra cotta clay, using coil methods and hand building. Pieces will be bisque and glaze fired.


Animal Alphabet- Get ready to take an animal art adventure from A to Z! Maybe we will visit pachyderms, big cats, the ocean, or the treetops! Learn how to create amazing drawings and paintings representing the beautiful world of WILD animals!


Colorful Creations - Use brightly colored paints and inks and also experiment with printmaking to create artwork with interesting technique and color. 


Digitize Your Design- Are you a future graphic artist/designer? Do you have fun illustrating books, designing web pages & seeing your work in print or online? We explore the tools and knowledge to explore the wonderful world of Graphic Art. Each student will also be introduced to how to create, share & view their artwork for both web and print media. Using an iPad Pro, stylus, and tools from various art software, students learn art techniques that show why the world of digital art takes creative expression to a new level.

Gone Fishin'- Break out the tackle and fishing lures, we're going on a fishing adventure. Paint and draw your favorite fishy friends in this mixed media class.


Embroidery- Learn the basics of embroidery with Karen. Simple and complex stitches will combine to create awesome art on fabric! All embroidery supplies included. No experience required. Students will be asked to bring in an item from home to work on for their final project- bag, jacket, t-shirt, or item of their choice. 


Fantastic Forest Art- Tall trees, elaborate leaves, critters tucked in quiet dens, noble animals standing proud, let's journey into the forest and draw and paint peaceful scenes from the great outdoors. 


Minecraft Cartooning- Use your creativity to create fun comic-style art using your favorite Minecraft character and scenes. Create a comic page or scene featuring your choice of characters, as you learn techniques in drawing, inking, and lettering. All materials included.


Mythological Creatures - Trolls, dragons, fairies, gnomes, and other enchanted forest creatures can be the focal point of your amazing drawing & painting projects this week.


Outer Space Exploration-  How fun it is to create art with Space Exploration in mind? Galaxies, Astronauts, and exciting Spaceships are all possible subjects. A variety of media will be used


Preschool Art- Take some time to explore art with this class for our littlest artists! Stories and games will be incorporated into the weekly art projects. The focus of this class will be on exploration and fun. Come to class ready to make a mess and a masterpiece!


Roblox and More Cartooning- Make fun comics about your Roblox character and friends! Exciting adventures await! We will explore AmongUs and Minecraft themes as well.


Rocketships in Clay- Fly, speed, or glide your way into step-by-step clay instructions to create rocket ships in clay. We will study their structures, and make finished artwork that will be painted with underglazes and kiln fired.


Silk Painting- Flowing and beautiful…it’s hard to imagine that a little worm gave us this most amazing fabric to paint upon. Brilliant colors and super fun!!! Learn about the silkworm while painting and designing your very own silk creations to actually wear!!! 


Stripes of All Types- From ring-tailed lemurs to zany zebras, the world is full of stripes. Designers embrace nature's stripes and we’ll learn from nature as we draw and paint stripes of all types.


Under the Sea- Visit the oceanarium as we explore the secrets of the sea in this underwater art adventure!  Using all sorts of drawing and painting media you will capture the colorful fish, playful dolphins, coral and beautiful marine life of the oceanarium!


World of Anime- Draw unique animals and people in the style of Japanese Anime cartooning. Your characters will be one of a kind!

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