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Enrollment is Open!
Class meets Monday- Friday
1.5 hours per day
Choose your theme for the week

Week One: June 5-9

week 1 4_15.jpg

Week Two: June 12-16

week 2 4_15.jpg

Week Three: June 19-23

week 3 4_20.png

Week Four: June 26- 30

week 4 4_27.jpg

Week Five: July 5-July 7


Week Six: July 10-14

Summer w6 4_6.jpg

Week Seven: July 17-21

Summer w7 4_6.jpg

Week Eight: July 24-28

week eight 5_1.jpg

Week Nine: July 31- Aug 4

week nine 5_1.jpg

Week Ten: August 7-11 

Summer w10 4_6.jpg
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