Pre-School Classes
Age 3-6

Fall 2022

Fall Two:  October 25-December 17

Preschool Art
Preschool Art

This class is meant for our youngest artists, age 3-4 years old. Come to class ready to make a masterpiece and a mess! Students will learn color, technique and composition in an age appropriate and enjoyable way!

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Kinder Clay
Kinder Clay

Have your little ones try their hand at creating clay projects! Terra Cotta Sculptures are built by coil and pinch pot methods, then kiln fired.

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I Love Art
I Love Art

Explore painting, drawing and mixed media.  Our young artists will learn the basics of color and technique while creating mini-masterpieces!

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 Fall Two Classes

7 weeks of classes:

October 24- December 17

No class on Halloween

No class the week of Thanksgiving

Monday: Classes meet 5 times, starting Nov 7th

12:30-2:00   I Love Art: Musical Masterpieces with Ms Elizabeth (Grade PreK-K) $150

3:00-4:00    Kinder Clay with Ms Carmella (PreK-K) $100

Wednesday: Classes meet 7 times, starting Oct 26

9:30-11:00  Preschool Art with Ms Edith, $210

Friday: Classes meet 7 times, starting Oct 28

12:30-2:00  I Love Art: Farm and Friends with Ms Cayla, $210

Saturday: Classes meet 7 times, starting Oct 29

9:00-10:30  I Love Art: Elfing Around with Ms Carmella, $210