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Youth Classes
Age 6-Teen

Winter Two 2023

February 13- March 25

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Winter Two Classes

February 13- March 25
6 weeks, $30/week


3:00-4:00    Kinder Klay with Miss Carmella (Grade PreK-K) 

3:30-5:00     Unique Animals: Capybaras, Axolotls & More! with Miss Elizabeth (Grade 3 and up)

4:00-5:30     Clay Creations: "Garden Party" with Miss Carmella (Grade K-2)


4:00-5:30     Paint Palooza with Ms Cayla (Grade K-2)

4:00- 5:30    Drawing What You See with Mr Doug (Grade 3 and up)


9:30-11:00    Preschool Art with Ms Edith (age 3-4)

12:30-2:00   I Love Art: "Barnyard Babies" with Ms Edith (Grade PreK-K) 

4:00-5:30    Paint Palooza: "Endangered Animals" with Ms Edith (Grade K-2) 


4:00-5:30      Paint Palooza: "Here Comes the Sun" with Ms Cayla  (Grade K-2

4:00-5:30      Cartooning with Mr Doug (Grade 3 and up)


12:30-2:00      I Love Art: "Color Me Crazy" with Ms Cayla (Grade PreK-K)

4:00-5:30       Paint Palooza: "Scarves, Mittens & Hats" with Ms Carmella (Grade K-2)

4:00- 5:30      EPIC Art with Ms Cayla (Grade 3 and up)


9:00-10:30     I Love Art- "Wake Up, Spring" with Miss Carmella (Grade PreK-K)  

9:00-10:30     Pokemon & Minecraft Cartooning with Mr Doug (Grade 3 and up) 

11:00-12:30     Paint Palooza: "Scenes Under Northern Lights" with Miss Carmella (Grade K-2) 

11:00-12:30     Paper Mache Paradise with Mr Doug (Grade 3 and up) 

1:00-2:30       Teen Cartoon Studio (Grade 6+) 

1:00-2:30       Clay Creations with Ms Carmella (Grade 3 and up)

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