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Youth Classes
Age 6-Teen

Winter Two 2023

February 13- March 25

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Grades K-2nd
Grades K-2nd

In this age group, the focus is to get students excited about drawing! These projects are all heavily guided by the instructors and teach students how to create a finished piece step by step. These classes are easy and simple to follow.

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Grade 3-5
Grade 3-5

Students in this age group will be moving on to explore different mediums and different styles of art. They will be taught more complex projects that will still be guided step by step through the instructor.

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Middle School-Teen
Middle School-Teen

This age group will focus more on creating realistic figures, along with proper shading, and really mastering techniques used within the medium. Instructors will focus on technique but give guidelines about the project. The student will be given autonomy for the majority of the projects.

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Winter Two Classes

February 13- March 25
6 weeks, $30/week


3:00-4:00    Kinder Klay with Miss Carmella (Grade PreK-K) 

3:30-5:00     Unique Animals: Capybaras, Axolotls & More! with Miss Elizabeth (Grade 3 and up)

4:00-5:30     Clay Creations: "Garden Party" with Miss Carmella (Grade K-2)


4:00-5:30     Paint Palooza with Ms Cayla (Grade K-2)

4:00- 5:30    Drawing What You See with Mr Doug (Grade 3 and up)


9:30-11:00    Preschool Art with Ms Edith (age 3-4)

12:30-2:00   I Love Art: "Barnyard Babies" with Ms Edith (Grade PreK-K) 

4:00-5:30    Paint Palooza: "Endangered Animals" with Ms Edith (Grade K-2) 


4:00-5:30      Paint Palooza: "Here Comes the Sun" with Ms Cayla  (Grade K-2

4:00-5:30      Cartooning with Mr Doug (Grade 3 and up)


12:30-2:00      I Love Art: "Color Me Crazy" with Ms Cayla (Grade PreK-K)

4:00-5:30       Paint Palooza: "Scarves, Mittens & Hats" with Ms Carmella (Grade K-2)

4:00- 5:30      EPIC Art with Ms Cayla (Grade 3 and up)


9:00-10:30     I Love Art- "Wake Up, Spring" with Miss Carmella (Grade PreK-K)  

9:00-10:30     Pokemon & Minecraft Cartooning with Mr Doug (Grade 3 and up) 

11:00-12:30     Paint Palooza: "Scenes Under Northern Lights" with Miss Carmella (Grade K-2) 

11:00-12:30     Paper Mache Paradise with Mr Doug (Grade 3 and up) 

1:00-2:30       Teen Cartoon Studio (Grade 6+) 

1:00-2:30       Clay Creations with Ms Carmella (Grade 3 and up)

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