Youth Classes


Kindergarten-2nd Grade Classes 

In this age group, the focus is to get students excited about drawing! These projects are all heavily guided by the instructors and teach students how to create a finished piece step by step. These classes are easy and simple to follow.

3rd Grade-5th Grade Classes 

Students in this age group will be moving on to explore different mediums and different styles of art. They will be taught more complex projects that will still be guided step by step through the instructor.


6th Grade-8th Grade Classes 

This age group will focus more on creating realistic figures, along with proper shading, and really mastering techniques used within the medium. Instructors will focus on technique but give guidelines about the project. The student will be given autonomy for the majority of the projects.

High School Classes

Teens will be given a lot of independence on projects. Instructors will give general topics and guidelines for the project, but students are able to express their creative side fully in this courses. 

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Fall Session 2 Classes 

 New Classes, Longer class times, and a week extension! Our Fall Classes are offered once a week for seven weeks  October 26th-December 19th. 

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Covid-19 Safety Practices: We here at Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art take our student and staff health seriously. For in-person classes we have ensured safety guidelines. Hand washing will be required upon entrance. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building. Supplies will be sanitized between classes and common surfaces will be wiped down between classes (4 times a day). Classrooms have been rearranged to maximize distances between students. Class sizes are limited to 6 students. ALL STUDENTS AND STAFF MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES. Separate entrances are designated for the 3 different floors of the building, You will be sent an email regarding the correct door to use for your class. We look forward to a safe art experience with you. Thank you. 

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PreK-K (10:30-12:00) Preschool Art with Miss Edith $210

PreK-K (3:00-4:00) Kinder Clay with Miss Laura $140

Grade K-2 (4:00-5:30) Paint-Palooza "Winter Wonderland" with Miss Jen$210

Grade K-2 (4:15-5:45) Clay Critters with Miss Laura $210

Grade 6+/Teen: (4:00-5:30) Tapestry with Miss Lauren $210



Multi-age (11:00-1:00) Homeschool Art: Fairytales with Miss Courtney $125

PreK-K  (10:30-12:00) I Love Art “Fall Friends” with Miss Edith $210

PreK-K (2:00-3:30) I Love Art: Jungle Fun with  Miss Edith $210

Grade K-2 (3:30-5:00) Paint Palooza: Circus of Animals with Miss Courtney $210

Grade 3-5 (3:30-5:00) EPIC Art: Drawing what you see with Mr Doug $210

Grade 6+/Teen (5:00-6:30) Drawing Caricatures with Mr. Doug $210

Grade 6+/Teen (5:00-6:30)  Bohemian Watercolor with Miss Courtney $210



PreK-K (10:30-12:00) Preschool Art with Miss Edith $210

Multi-age (12:30-2:30) Homeschool Art with Miss Courtney $125

Grade K-2 (3:30-5:00) Paint Palooza: Fall Forest Fun with Miss Courtney $210

Grade 3-5 (3:30-5:00) Youth Mosaic with Miss Karen $210

Grade 3-5 (3:30-5:00) EPIC Art: Drawing in Perspective with Mr. Doug $210

Grade 6+/Teen (5:00-6:30) DIY Art Journal with Miss Courtney $210

Grade 6+/Teen (5:00-6:30) Graphic Design with Mr. Doug $210



PreK-K (10:30-12:00) I Love Art: Pet Parade  with Miss Edith $210

Grade K-2 (3:30-5:00) Paint Palooza: Imagination Miss Courtney $210

Grade 3-5 (3:30-5:00) EPIC Art: Cartooning with Mr. Doug  $210

Grade 6+/teen (3:30-5:00) Creative Coping with Miss Suzie $280

Grade 6+/teen (5:00-6:30) Digital Art with Mr. Doug $210



Multi-age (10:00-12:00) Homeschool Art: Fall Fun with Miss Carmella $125

PreK-K (12:30-1:30) Mini Masters with Miss Carmella $140

PreK-K (2:00-3:30) I Love Art: Sweet Treats with  Miss Courtney M $210

Grade K-2 (3:30-5:00) Paint Palooza: Paint Party Miss Courtney $210

Grade 3-5 (3:30-5:00) EPIC Art: Paint and Clay Tiles with Miss Carmella $210

Grade 6+/Teen (5:00-6:30) Teen Open Studio with Miss Carmella $210


PreK-K (9:00-10:30) I Love Art: Paint & Clay Art with Miss Carmella $210

Grade 3-5 (9:00-10:30) Cartooning: Pokemon with Mr. Doug $210

Grade K-2 (11:00-12:30) Paint Palooza with Miss Carmella $210  

Grade 3-5 (11:00-12:30) Cartooning: Avengers  with Mr. Doug $210

Grade 3-5 (1:00-2:30) EPIC Art with Miss Carmella $210

Grade 6+/Teen (1:00-2:30) Cartoon Studio with Mr. Doug $210

Class Tuition and Fees breakdown:

*$20 per Hr

*Length of Classes : Once a Week for 7 Weeks (Dependent on Holidays, Prices reflect accordingly)

* Specialty Classes may require material Fees

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