Youth Classes
Age 6-Teen

Fall 2022

Fall Two: October 25-December 17

Paint Palooza: Grades K-2nd
Paint Palooza: Grades K-2nd

In this age group, the focus is to get students excited about drawing! These projects are all heavily guided by the instructors and teach students how to create a finished piece step by step. These classes are easy and simple to follow.

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EPIC Art: Grade 3-5
EPIC Art: Grade 3-5

Students in this age group will be moving on to explore different mediums and different styles of art. They will be taught more complex projects that will still be guided step by step through the instructor.

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Middle School-Teen
Middle School-Teen

This age group will focus more on creating realistic figures, along with proper shading, and really mastering techniques used within the medium. Instructors will focus on technique but give guidelines about the project. The student will be given autonomy for the majority of the projects.

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Fall Two Classes

October 24 - December 17
No class on Halloween
No class the week of Thanksgiving

Monday: 5 weeks of classes- classes start November 7th

12:30-2:00   I Love Art: Musical Masterpieces with Ms Elizabeth (Grade PreK-K) $150

3:00-4:00    Kinder Clay with Ms Carmella (Grade PreK-K)  $100

3:30-5:00     EPIC Art: Mixed Media with Ms Elizabeth (Grade 3 and up), $150

4:15- 5:45    Clay Creations: Joy of Gingerbread (Grade K-2), $150       

Tuesday:  7 weeks of classes- classes start on October 25

12:30-2:00  Preschool Art with Ms Edith, $210

4:00-5:30  Paint Palooza: Animal Fun at the North Pole with Ms Cayla (Grade K-2) $210

4:00-5:30  EPIC Art: Pastel Drawing with Ms Carmella (Grade 3 and up) $210

5:30-7:00 Sculpey Clay with Ms Cayla (Grade 3 and up)  Meets 5 times, starting Nov 8th $150

Wednesday: 7 weeks of classes- classes start on October 26

9:30-11:00   Preschool Art with Ms Edith, $210

12:30-2:00   I Love Art: Falling Into Nature with Ms Edith, $210

4:00-5:30   Paint Palooza: Changing Seasons with Ms Edith (Grade K-2) $210

4:00-5:30   Youth Mosaic: Tree on Canvas with Karen (Grade 3 and up) $210

Thursday: 7 weeks of classes- classes start on October 27

4:00-5:30    Paint Palooza: Time to Hibernate (Grade K-2) $210

4:00-5:30    Cartooning with Mr Doug (Grade 3 and up) $210

5:30-7:00    Digital Art with Doug (Grade 3 and up) $210

Friday: 7 weeks of classes- classes start on October 28

12:30-2:00   I Love Art: Farm and Friends with Ms Cayla (PreK and K) $210

4:00-5:30    Holly Jolly Clay Creations with Doug (Grade K-2) $210

4:00-5:30    EPIC Art: Painting Experiments with Ms Cayla (Grade 3 and up) $210

Saturday: 7 weeks of classes- classes start on October 29

9:00-10:30     Pokemon Cartooning with Mr Doug (Grade 2 and up) $210

9:00-10:30     I Love Art: Elfing Around with Ms Carmella (Grade PreK and K) $210

11:00-12:30     Paper Mache Masterpieces with Mr Doug (Grade 3 and up) $210

11:00-12:30     Paint Palooza: Holiday Extravaganza with Ms Carmella (Grade K-2) $210 

1:00-2:30       Clay Gingerbread House with Ms Carmella (Grade 3 and up) $210

1:00-2:30       Teen Cartoon Studio with Mr Doug (Grade 6 and up)  $210